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Exide Xmc 31 Megacycle Agm 200 Sealed Maintenance Free Marine Battery

Exide Xmc 31 Megacycle Agm 200 Sealed Maintenance Free Marine Battery

Exide XMC-31 MEGACYCLE AGM-200 Sealed Maintenance Free (AGM) Marine Battery
From Exide

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Product Description

Exide Technologies knows the importance of worry-free time on the water and has your answer - the MegaCycle AGM-200. The MegaCycle AGM-200 features 2x better cycling, 12x more vibration resistance and 40% greater charge acceptance over conventional 31 series flooded batteries. The benefits don't stop there, the MegaCycle also features between 925-1110 CCA with up to 200 minute reserve capacity.

Product Details

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #85613 in Automotive
  • Brand: Exide
  • Model: XMC-31


  • 925 CCA at 0 degrees F
  • 1110 CA at 32 degrees F
  • 200 minute reserve capacity
  • Dual terminal design
  • Absorbed glass mat separator is engineered for optimal recombination rates to avoid cell dry-out and provide superior element compression assuring stabilty under extreme vibration and high cycling operation

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Most helpful customer reviews

12 of 13 people found the following review helpful.The Exide has a 24 month free replacement warranty which is unique for deep cycle batteries. This is a hybrid which can also be used for starting and would be a good choice for a battery for a boat. I bought it for a RV as it provided good power for the space and it has the 2-year warranty.Be aware that the true deep cycle Exide Nautilus Gold NG-31 battery has a 15% greater amp hour rating and sells on average for $160. Getting a battery for $50 less that provides 15% more power is what I will be doing when these die.People have complained about the battery being shipped all the way from California to them and its not being properly packaged and receiving it damaged as a result. My experience was a little different. I live in California and the battery was shipped across the country from Pennsylvania. The carton was designed for shipping the battery and provided 1" of protection on all sides.The battery was produced in May and arrived with 85-90% charge so I put it on a charger to get it to 100% charge level.It does have both the standard battery posts and 1/4" studs for copper terminals depending upon what is already in place.-I ordered a second battery as I wanted both the ones for my camper to be identical. Second one arrived in a few days and was in perfect condition and of recent manufacture. No idea what the problems were in the past or their causes but at this point in time Amazon has the process under control for this product at least.It should be understood that like most "marine" batteries it is not a true "deep-cycle" battery and should not be discharged more than 50% on a regular basis. It safely provides 50 AH for a trolling motor and not the 100 AH as one might expect. Deeper discharges will greatly shorten the life of the battery. At least for trolling this still provides about 10 hours of operating power for the average 50 lb. thrust motor.Flooded acid deep-cycle batteries are not as shock resistant and have to be kept away from sparks and flames and they need to be kept upright and periodically topped off with distilled water. The other drawback to a flooded type battery (which people experience with their car's starter battery) is that they are affected more by low temperatures and lose more of power at temperatures below 40 degrees F.

5 of 5 people found the following review helpful.I felt it necessary to chime in on this purchase as I researched to exhaustion for the right battery for my tent trailer. Per the specs I found this to be the bull I needed for worry free reliable energy, at the best price.My battery was dated as another reviewer mentioned, but was at %80 with no sulfication. In all my research in this there is a simple truth about batteries. Heavy is good. Heavy means high lead content, and this guy weighs 80 pounds. I use battery tender on it when in storage, and run a schumacher speed charger from the generator when needed. I get days out of it, and charges right back up. Great buy with free shipping! I take off one star for the date being old, but with an AGM of this caliber not too worried.

6 of 7 people found the following review helpful.Looked around internet and locally for GEL type batteries for my 2001 Carver 406 motor yacht and the best deal was on Amazon. The batteries I selected have comparable specs to the very expensive batteries and have better specs than most in this group 31 size range. The delivery time from Amazon was very acceptable and arrived in very sturdy shipping packaging.I hope to get at least 5-8 years of service but time will tell.

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